Saturday, January 31, 2009

Radha: 1Shanti Road final Exhibition, Bangalore, India

The culmination of two hard weeks of work by Srishti School of Art students in collaboration with the visiting artists was amazing. The spontaneous show of the installation with fabric, photos, video, sound and live participation with electric and inspiring. The students never expected such a big crowd to show up. The press was there in full attendance and I must thank Kala from Srishti for sending out letters to the press and inviting them to the show. I want to thank Mrs Geetha Narayanan our director for her support in making this workshop happen. I want to thank our students Tanuja, Pushpi, Urmilla, Swati, Saeema, Mrinalini, Anushka, Sumona, Huda, Sauntouni, Elena and Priyanka for doing a great job and also completely enjoying the whole process. I hope you all will be able to use all that you experienced in your final project.
I thank all the Artists who participated, coordinated and gave everything they had for this workshop.Zeenath for starting this workshop without Veronica here. Karoline, Liz, Ana, Vera, Richard, the Maara group, Vinayak, Archana all of these artists gave so much of their time and energy into this project.
Love you all very much. Again many many thanks and we hope to see you end of the year to continue on this project.

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