Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fear and Gender in Public space

In a perfect world, would there be no fear? In our imperfect world is there anyone who is completely without fear? I often wonder what life would be like if I had to fear from absolutely nothing; if I could confidently strike fear off the list of emotions I can feel. Then again, in this obviously imperfect world, do men have as much to fear as women by virtue of their gender? The general consensus, even by men is no.Why do we face so many more problems? Are we really the weaker sex that we can be taken advantage of? Why do I get taken advantage of? Does it comfort me that I am just one of the massive number of women whose space has been encroached upon or does it make me sick? How long will will we keep withdrawing our space to accommodate men? What i would like to do is to create a reversal of situation, even if very temporary, to make men experience being on the receiving end of the exchange. I would like to work out this challenge using photography. The workshop I would like to take up to help me with this is ‘Off Limits’. Why photography? Because it is the medium that I enjoy, love and am comfortable with. The camera is my weapon, it makes me feel safe. I would like to work with Vinayak Das because according to his brief ‘As part of the Fear and Gender workshops I train my lenses on such spaces in the city and try to bring out the essence of how fear and gender play a big part in the city’s space’, and this is what I am interested in doing as well. I find the idea of capturing spaces normally inaccessible to women appealing. I think this workshop is a good opportunity to express my gender related fears through the medium I like best.

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