Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photos from the last few days of Fear & Gender

It has been quiet energizing to be involved with all the International Artists who are collaborating with Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology for the Fear and Gender in Public Spaces workshop that is happening in Bangalore, India from Jan 14th to 28th. For the students themselves, this is a forum to speak out about their own fears in public spaces and Gender as a theme. This workshop is part of their semester course work that will be continued till end of February.  

I thank Veronica Wiman who started this project many years ago. I also thank Zeenath Hassan who is co-ordinating this project in a big way. I thank Srishti for making this workshop happen. There are so many people to thank in this project.

Fear and Adornment in Public Space
Colombia – South Africa – USA – Sweden – India

Fear & Adornment in Public Space – is the title of a larger contemporary art and craft project including workshops, site specific productions and community development conducted by the LAND Contemporary Art Practices (Sissi Westerberg and Veronica Wiman). By talking about Fear and Adornment we want to widen the perspectives of what adornment is and create awareness of the connection between fear and public space. Fear, or ways of conquering fear are put in relation to adornment– art for the body, decoration and ornamentation as well as architecture and art in the public space. What reasons are there for adornment, how are we affected by it and how can we use it? The project is an offspring of Veronica Wiman´s curatorial research and practice - Fear and Gender in Public Space

Please see her email that was sent to all of us as she could be part of this workshop.

Dear All, 

firstly, I wish to Thank you all deeply. Thank you for being in Bangalore and participating in my work and project "Fear and Gender in Public Space" which in Bangalore January 2009 will be a Thematical Residency.I am sad that I can not be there with you but grateful we have not cancelled this part due to your engagement and presence. (Briefly to let you know the reasons to my absence, was that the funding for the project was announced in the last minute a couple of weeks ago which delayed arrangements with VISAs, Srishti and the more to the point where we needed to cancel the workshop but organizing and facilitating your participation inBangalore differently.   

I have been in contact with a few of you already but here and now look forward connecting with you all and letting you know how grateful I am and that I am available to you in this remote state and facilitating accordingly. 

Thank you Radha deeply for involving the artists with the students at Srishti. 

I wish and need to make clear to you all Participants. It has been decided that the project and realization in Bangalore, due to my personal absence in Bangalore, will be an artist thematical residency on Fear and Gender in Public Space.  It is not a workshop, and no schedule or agenda to follow. As the initiator and curator of Fear and Gender in Public Space, in this project and at site it is a thematical residency to attend and develop work according to your interest and interpretation. The new Official Invitation with more details will be sent to you tomorrow. The blog has been set up by Zeenath, who also initially have suggested to invite you all to take part in this. Upon my wish, Zeenath has facilitated the Blog for us to have a forum to discuss within. Thank you deeply Zeenath for All your engagement and immense work on this.

I look forward to reading all your proposed projects and also what you will possibly present to the students at Srishti if this will be a possibility. 

With much love and gratefulness,

So I wish you all the very best and I will see you all everyday.
Big Hugs!

Radha Chandrashekaran 
Artist/Visiting Faculty
Srishti School of School Art, Design & Technology
Bangalore - India

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