Sunday, January 25, 2009

These 'off limit' spaces for women, are really, some uncomfortable zones. I have just reaffirmed this feeling after spending a great amount of time in alleys of shivaji nagar, where men gawked till I could disappear, at bars where the smoke was of no help to fade my presence, beedi shops where men still think only they can smoke! What really worried me was how in this world can i actually get a good shot in these places? All i could do was quickly point and shoot, considering my camera is an D-SLR it almost was impossible. People were threatened, to see me with a camera, to a point that there were 3 different occasions when I was confronted and asked to delete pictures. These spaces are just dominated by men most often, they dont all have activities which would make women uncomfortable. The prominence and establishment of men being there always is among the many reasons I discovered about off limit spaces.
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