Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elena's post

Reflection on my days up till now Elena Pereira

15.01.09 Coles park 4.30-6.15 LIZ

‘Bangalore is my heart’ (a men)
‘The city is a peaceful place”. (a men)
My house (needs change) because it’s such a boring place’ (14 year old boy). (marked 6 symbols on map)
Than the same boy who said this comes back next day. With an excuse or reason that he always has his lunch here (mc Donald’s). Or maybe or map was not so boring as his house J
Mc Donald’s is a happy place for him because he says that everyday he get’s 200 Rs from which he saves 100 Rs en for 100 Rs he enjoys his lunch at MacDonald’s.
Many people asked for Lal Bagh and hey find this the best peaceful and sacred place of Bangalore. It’s not on the map so we let them embroider off the map.
I was wondering why the women don’t really come to see are they not interested or afraid? Of interacting in public spaces with strangers?

15.01.09 Blind walking workshop ANA
We had to walk with the eyes closed in the house and outside on the streets. I must say that I found walking in the house with my eyes clothes guided by Swati more uncomfortable then when she guided me on the streets although the streets had traffic sounds and stones. I felt more claustrophobic inside where outside I felt relieved after a while that I didn’t have to look out for traffic but just see 3 frames where she let me open my eyes. The first was inside a furniture shop, which I didn’t expect at all because I thought I was outside. And then A frame inside where I saw a butterfly chair. And then she guided me inside an Atm where the air-conditioning shocked me. Out on the streets again I felt relieved.

16.01.09 Sigma Mall morning 10-2 LIZ

Again mostly men came to participate I think I know why. Women never go alone to malls endless they have a goal to pick up something but hanging out/relaxing is done with friends inside with food or drinks. For men it’s different they hang around outside look at people and need to pass some time.
And are happy to participate mostly groups with boys love the stitching and the whole energy around the table. And just hang around. Children are also scared for the newcomers (us) with there funny questions.‘college is a good place’ Most people marked smile’s for there college.
‘Missing the nightlife around MG road’
The hart of Bangalore is where ? MG!!!!!!
Most asked question today = What’s the use????

16.01.09 afternoon Meeting on Cunningham road about the body and technology

Interesting meeting where we made connections between the feminine side of technology which leads to transparency. Body’s who didn’t have access to technology get access to technology by technology one of those reasons is globalization. Our body’s have become addicted to technology. The cell phones and laptops are becoming extensions of ourselves.

18.01.09 Cubon park 2-6.30 KAROLINE intervention!
A men came up to me and asked me to cut off his religious string around his wrist and dropped it on the floor.
He had taken a string of wool of each color and wanted me to tie this around his hand the colors in which the park was colored by the strings of fabric and wool which where hung. Then I picked up the string he dropped on the floor took a bangle and hung it on the fabric. The men all started laughing …
One beggar guy kept coming and it looked as he was begging to me. But he was not he wanted the bangle with the string to tie it in the air. Ones he tied it in the air he laughed. He must have asked me for 15 bangles to hang.
Begging for bangles to hang.
I didn’t asked people to do anything without talking I just went up to them and put it in their hands. But most people had been observing and where happy I came to them because I think they where to shy to get fabric or strings themselves but waited for us to interact wit them.
One lady in a sari who didn’t speak but kept on laughing tying the black fabric in the air and weaving it through the others trying to get her kids and husband to join.

19.01.09 Russell Market 9.30-12 LIZ
People are just watching us. Somewhere we blend in with the colors of the market.
I loved the interaction with the children who lived above Russell Market.
They where so enthusiastic and loved the game of embroidering stars next to the map. Maybe 3 out of the 6 children took it serious. with the questions and symbols. And they market the place where they lives which was mostly Russell market or shivaji nagar. Then they market where they would go alone in the night which was the movie theatre. And an area was market with the dark moon because the kids had heard that a lot of murders happen in that area. Also another group of boys came and where laughing at the map and walked away. They came back 15 minutes after that saying the needed something to do for there time-pass. To proud to stitch but still interesting at the conversations around the map.
An old lady saying that the heart off Bangalore to her is Cunningham road. Where she lives because everyone goes through there. Although it has become too crowded. One off the little boys got angry and disappointed because he didn’t have the peace off mind to embroider. Eventually he just stopped and tried to cut everything out. I think by mistake he cut a whole and gone he was.
The surprise and smiles on people faces of our action was great. For the kids and grow ups I had the feeling that they really enjoyed the interaction on the map.One shop keeper asked if the map is going to go abroad and show people how nice Bangalore is.
And Liz said after translation of Pusphi …YES and he laughed satisfied

19.01.09 Ana Meeting at Infinitea 2-3.30

Ana showed us a lot of interesting photographers who capture the daily life all on there own perception some planned some unplanned. That makes me wonder what to do shall I plan a scene/concept our find something unexpected? Still wondering who and where 27 frames will GO>?

20.01.09 Shivaji Nagar bus stop LIZ plan was 10-2 …new plan 12-2
We where an amusing attraction to the people who had to wait at the bus stop. Most people just wanted to look. Again mostly men but surprisingly a lot of women joined to participate.One women wouldn’t go to city market alone after 7. Because it’s just not safe for women.
Otherwise the reactions where quite similar to the previous days
A lot of smiles for colleges
Green dot or circle for cubonpark
And the hart still around mg and shivaji nagar.

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